• Ingredients
  • Advantage

We use certified Corn Flour, Water and Salt as the base ingredients to make our product

  • Gluten free, egg free, soy and nuts free, vegan friendly
  • Soft texture, natural color and delicious taste
  • Easy to cook like regular spaghetti
  • Highly recommended for consumers who maintain a diet with high fiber needs
  • Affordable prices compared to similar imported products

Spaghetti Findmie adalah spaghetti bebas gluten yang terbuat dari bahan lokal tepung jagung non-GMO dan tepung sagu hasil olahan petani Indonesia. Lebih sehat tanpa pengawet, tanpa MSG (monosodium glutamat), dan tanpa pewarna. Temukan Spaghetti Findmie saat kamu lapar. Spaghetti Findmie dapat dinikmati bersama keluarga.

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