WHO we are

our history


The Beginning

Starting from a program called the Food Industrial and Teaching System (FITS) which was formed by the Department of Food Technology and Nutrition IPB (now Food Science and Technology) to help students understand more deeply the food industry in the campus environment. PT Fits Mandiri was later established officially on the 19th May 2000 to support the development,  production, and commercialization of food products on a larger scale from pilot plant to mass production.
Starting 2015


Then in 2015, all production and management activities of PT Fits Mandiri were handed over to PT Bogor Life Science and Technology (BLST) and had a vision of becoming a central company for the development of functional food products as a result of research activities by IPB University’s experts as well as a place of learning for students on the processing industry, food markets, and especially the functional foods and beverages.

Starting 2015

Our Vision

To be functional food and beverage company to serve Indonesia in the global market

Our Core Values

C.I.S.I (Collaborative, Integrity, Innovative and Sustainable)

Our Mission

  • Develop, produce, and commercialize research-based food and beverage of IPB University expertise for ready to cook and ready to eat/drink.
  • Create and innovate attractive functional food and beverage to meet the changing market with progressive business strategy.
  • Implement digital marketing to connect the consumers and customer from ingredient, packaging, formulation, and product to meet their insights
  • Implement a progressive business strategy  to develop the USP of local ingredients, technologies at sustainable platform in food security